MultiMail Offline Reader

Version 0.52 - 2019-04-01

See the HISTORY file for other changes.

What is MultiMail?

MultiMail is an offline mail packet reader for Unix/Linux, MS-DOS, OS/2, Windows, macOS, and other systems, using a curses-based interface. It supports the Blue Wave, QWK, OMEN, SOUP and OPX formats.

MultiMail is free, open source software, distributed under the GNU General Public License.


Source code mmail-0.52.tar.gz (215k) Gzipped TAR (253k) ZIP
MS-DOS (348k) x86-32 version. Also works under Windows 9x, etc. (184k) x86-16 version.
OS/2 (192k) x86-32 VIO app. Needs at least OS/2 2.0.
Windows (440k) x86-32 Windows console build. Needs 9x or later (tested through 10). (493k) x86-64 Windows console build. Only tested on Windows 10.
macOS (179k) x86-64 Terminal app, for recent macOS (only tested on 10.14).

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Format specifications:

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