Privacy Policy

If this web site collects any data on you, it’s not my doing. I don’t even send you a cookie. There are logs, I think. I never look at them.

The app “Network Remote Control for TiVo” collects the IP addresses and names of TiVos on your local network on startup (so it knows where to connect), forwards them to nobody, and stores them nowhere. (It doesn’t even remember them for next time, which, you could argue with as a design decision, but for sure it’s private.) It never even accesses the public Internet in any way, only your LAN. And the nature of the TiVo remote control protocol is that it doesn’t even use a password (a decision which you could definitely argue with, but it wasn’t mine), so the app doesn’t need to know that, either.

Nothing else here collects any data on you, either; but the Network Remote is the one that has to have a Privacy Policy, to go into the App Store.

– William McBrine, 2020-12-27