Add-ons and Utilities for Searchlight BBS

My programs for use with Searchlight BBS, including Valence and Fast Index.

Valence QWK Door

The most popular offline mail system for SL, offering much more than Searchlight’s internal QWK. It has full support of color codes, included files, metacharacters, bulletins, and much more. Powerful, flexible, fast, easy setup. It also does QWK networking. For all versions of Searchlight BBS from 2.15C on. Freeware. See also Y2K issues in Searchlight BBS and QWK comparison chart.

Download version 1.7d (149k)

Fast Index

A fast, accurate replacement for the SL nodelist index builder (INDEX.EXE). Works with all versions of Searchlight. Now GPL’d!

Download version 3.0d (107k)


Date fixer for Searchilght BBS; a program to convert year 2000 and later dates in the Searchlight message base between the “old” and “new” formats. THIS IS NEEDED TO MAKE SLMAIL WORK NOW, at least some versions. Now GPL’d!

Download version 1.2c (22k)

SL miscellaneous utilities

My lesser Searchlight utilities, now collected in one package: Member List and Purge, Mail List and Purge, and the ALIAS.SL2 builder. This archive replaces MEMBUT21.ZIP, ALIASBLD.ZIP, and MAILUTIL.ZIP. The only real difference is that Member List has been updated for Y2K.

Download version 1.3 (70k)