Y2K issues in Searchlight BBS

The Searchlight internal date format uses one unsigned binary byte to represent the year, as well as one byte each for the month and day. In versions prior to 5.0, the year was stored as (year mod 100); that is (in decimal terms), as the last two digits. 1999 is stored as 99, and 2000 will be stored (and displayed) as 00.

In SL 5.0, the displayed year was changed to use four digits, and the internal date was redefined as (year - 1900). Thus, the year 2000 will be stored as 100. (For years between 1900 and 2000, the definitions are equivalent.) This redefinition has value, because it allows the year value to be unambiguous; but it also breaks some things, like the old version of the strdate() function from the Searchlight Programmers’ Library, which will now show “100” for the year 2000. Furthermore, it limits the maximum year value to 1900 + 255, or 2155; but before that, MSDOS itself will run out of time, at the end of 2099.

The routine which displays the day of the week in Searchlight works by comparing the date with a known day, via the datediff() function, and using that value mod 7 as the index to a string array. The date it uses is 1-1-87. Unfortunately, the datediff() routine only returns a 16-bit signed integer, which means that it breaks after 32767 days. Hence, in Searchlight 5.x, the day of the week shows up incorrectly after 9-17-2076. (It prints things like “December” where it should say “Wed”.) In earlier versions, it breaks much sooner – on 1-1-2000. Granted, this is purely a cosmetic problem.

Most Y2K problems with SL 4.5 will be cosmetic; e.g., the day of the week will be printed incorrectly.

In previous versions of this text, I followed that with “However, things will work more smoothly all around if you upgrade to SL 5.x before the year 2000.” But I must now retract that. It turns out that SLMAIL hasn’t been informed of the format change; it refuses to export messages with a 2000 year, and imports them as “1900”. To work around these problems, I’ve released “Makedate”, available in the package mkdat12c.zip (q.v.).

Y2K issues in Valence

Beginning with version 1.6, I’ve taken measures to ensure that Valence is Y2K-ready. Since the Searchlight Programmer’s Library has not been updated since 4.5, I’ve written my own replacements for strdate(), and also for datediff(). (I could’ve managed – as SL 5.x does – with the old datediff(); but only until 2076. This way, Valence gets 22 more years to live.) I’ve also adopted the (year - 1900) system for all internal dates.

When working with SL 4.5 or earlier, Valence 1.6+ will add or subtract 100, as appropriate, when dealing with dates from the Searchlight message base, in order to be consistent with what those versions of Searchlight do internally. A fixed window is used here: year values less than 80 (the first MS-DOS year) are considered to be 20xx, while 80-99 are 19xx.

Then there’s the QWK format, which uses (year mod 100) in its dates. When posting messages to SL 5.0+, Valence 1.6+ will add 100 to the year found in the QWK header, if that year is less than (current year - 1950). This gives 50 years on either side of the current year. Example: The current year is 1999, so the dividing point is 49. Years 00 through 49 are taken to represent 2000 through 2049, while 50 through 99 mean 1950 through 1999. This system will work through 2099.

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